Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate (formerly Double-Take Move) is the perfect solution for migrating large servers or databases where you must limit the overall downtime or outage window to the smallest possible time frame.  This solution is great for moving data to a new physical server, moving to a new SAN, moving to a virtual server, or even moving to the cloud -- all with limited downtime!  Given the cost, if you can save just one hour of downtime, this product pretty much pays for itself!

There are two editions of Carbonite Migrate available:
  • Carbonite Migrate Basic: Migrate Basic is an inexpensive migration solution for companies who know how to do a fast migration.  Licenses are valid for 30 days, and do not include ANY support.  Support incidents may be purchased direct from Carbonite at a cost of $75/incident.
  • Carbonite Migrate Standard: Migrate Standard is the older Migrate solution which is better for companies just starting out or with exceedingly complicated migrations.  Licenses are valid for 60 days (instead of just 30), and your purchase includes TWO support incidents direct from Carbonite.
All Carbonite Migrate licenses are are node-locked to a given server once installed, and the time-clock for the replication period starts only when the license is activated (not when they are purchased), so you can buy your licenses in bulk for a larger project and know that you will have them available when needed. Target servers do not need a license. If you need to extend a migration for a longer time period, you can purchase a second Migrate license and simply re-start your replication job. 

Please note that these license purchases do NOT include any support time from Goldstar Software.  If you would like our help in getting your Migrate solution up and running, we can usually get this working for you in under an hour.  In that case, you may wish to add at least one hour of support time, together with your license purchase.

Important Note: Unlike our Actian orders which typically fulfill the same day, even for non-stock items, Carbonite has been known to be VERY slow in fulfilling orders, with some items taking 2-3 business days (or more) for fulfillment. Please plan accordingly. If you need a rush order, let us know in the comments field of your order, and we will press them to get the license key sooner.
Goldstar SKU: DTMOVE-B
This license is for using Carbonite Migrate Basic for Windows or Linux on one server for a period of 30 days. Note that the Basic license provides NO included support from Carbonite, and it does NOT support the Full Server to ESX or Hyper-V job type.  This also requires v8.2.1 or above to function. (They may release older v7.x licenses for Migrate Basic in the future, but there is no timetable set yet.)  If you are new to the Migrate environment, we recommend getting the Standard License instead.  Basic licenses are more applicable to large-scale migrations needing to reduce costs.
Price: $249.00
Goldstar SKU: DTMOVE
This license is for using Carbonite Migrate Standard for Windows or Linux on one server for a period of 60 days, and it includes TWO support incidents direct from Carbonite. Be sure to select the version of Migrate (or Move) that you would like to run: v7.1, v8.0, v8.1, or v8.2. If you need something older, please call us for details first.
Price: $339.00
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