Actian Zen/PSQL v13

The Actian Zen v13 (formerly Actian PSQL v13) database is available in two major engine types, the Workgroup Engine and the Server Engine. The Workgroup Engine is designed for single-user installations and small workgroups of up to 5 concurrent users. The Server Engine is needed for any servers hosting 6 users or more, and is available for both Windows or Linux servers, and for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.  Small system users may also consider the Server Engine to obtain the improved performance and security that this engine offers.

Zen/PSQL Vx Server 13 and Zen/PSQL v13 Server products are identical in core functionality, but they differ on the way licenses are handled. First off, you MUST use the Vx licensing model if you are using any middleware, web server, or SaaS environments. If you do not have any of these requirements, then you can go either way. Zen (PSQL) v13 Server is licensed per concurrent user, while Vx Server 13 is licensed based on the size of the database being accessed.

Licenses are available in either "base" licenses, of which you can have only one on any given server, and user count increase (UCI) licenses, which can be used to increase your concurrent user count. Special Insurance licenses are available to provide protection from downtime in the event of a licensing or server failure.

For the Server Engine base licenses, upgrade discounts may be available depending on your source engine version and user count.

You can find more information about this software on our main product page. You can find copies of license documents prior to your purchase on our licensing page.

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