Btrieve v12

Btrieve v12 is the latest update to the long-standing, king-of-speed, transactional database engine known as Btrieve.  Last released as Btrieve 6.15 in 1995, the Btrieve database provides rock-solid data storage for applications around the world. 

Unlike Btrieve 6.15, the Btrieve v12 release is now supported on modern operating systems (like Windows 10), and is available at a price point that is sure to please any developer.  Fully deployed, the per-unit pricing is a substantial price break from the full-featured PSQL v12 engine.

Of course, developers who want access to data files over 4GB, a full SQL/ODBC/JDBC implementation, or a true x64 implementation should still consider PSQL v12 instead.  For a complete list of differences between PSQL v12 and Btrieve v12, check out our Btrieve v12 informational web site page.