The Pervasive database gets a majority of its performance from having extremely rapid access to database file pages in its own memory space, also known as the database cache.  As users store more and more data, they start to employ larger and larger servers to maintain this top performance.  This is even more pronounced on 64-bit servers, where 32GB of RAM (and up) is starting to become the norm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep your Pervasive PSQL data in memory all the time.  Engine restarts for maintenance, operating system patches, and hardware-related reboots often cause the data to be flushed from memory, causing slow performance after the restart until the data is able to be reloaded.  This reload is often done slowly as users start to access the system again, and it can mean several hours of lower performance while waiting on the disk.

BtrvLoad was created to eliminate this "startup slowness" for larger PSQL engines. This special tool was designed to access database records as rapidly as is feasible on a modern system, forcing the database to load the database pages from disk.  When used immediately after an engine restart, this causes slow performance for a few minutes while data is reloaded, but then restores the normal "memory speed" performance that users desire after that -- often before users even get signed back in to their application. 

BtrvLoad can scan an entire database directory (using wildcards or a file list) for files to load.  When it finds a file, it sends the file to its multi-threaded, high-speed, page loading engine, which starts accessing the database file pages.  You can control the workload, from the thread count (the number of files processing concurrently), to the subset of records you want to load, in order to get the data back into memory. 

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