Remote Server Performance Review

Pervasive databases are normally set up, then left running on their own for years and years, with no ongoing maintenance required.  However, the default engine configuration is not ideal for every database environment, and sometimes additional tuning is required.

Our Remote Server Performance Review provides access to our database tuning experts without paying for expensive on-site consulting time. We can examine your database system remotely (via the Internet using either our own tool or your remote tools) and look for ways to improve overall system performance, then provide a written report which documents your configuration as well as provides suggestions for improving the overall performance or stability.

The SPR can be used on ANY database engine environment, from Btrieve 6.15 to the present PSQL engines, and typically takes between 1 and 2 hours to collect the data (where we may need your access and additional information).  Following the data collection phase, we complete the written report and provide that to you via Email within a few days.  If a substantial number of changes is recommended, the flat fee also includes a 15-minute follow-up consultation to verify that things are running better after the changes have been made.

To process, complete your order, then contact us to schedule your session.
After-Hours SPR
This option provides for a Server Performance Review during overnight hours, useful for monitoring overnight processes or problems that only occur after-hours.
Price: $1,200.00
Business Hours SPR
Goldstar SKU: GSSPR
This option provides for a Server Performance Review during our normal business hours.
Price: $750.00