FPrint is our database table documentation tool that allows you to export the table definition metadata from DDF files and send it to a text files or right to a printer.  Originally written LONG ago for Scalable SQL and Pervasive.SQL 7, this newer version works with any version of the Data Dictionaries from Btrieve 6.15 and up. 

With a purchase of FPrint, you get the original FPrint tool which works on the more-common v1 metadata, but you also get a license for FPrint2, which will also work with the v2 metadata extension added with Pervasive PSQL v10 and above.

For more information or to download a 30-day trial of this tool, click here.
Single User License
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This is the Single-User license.
Price: $50.00
Site License
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This license allows you to use this tool on any computer on your local area network.
Price: $100.00