Support Pack: Pervasive File Recovery

After following our suggestions from the Pervasive PSQL Support Pack, your system is positively purring. Yet problems can still arise due to operating system failures, hardware failures, and even power outages. All of these things can have some nasty effects on database files -- sometimes to the point where a standard recovery is simply impossible.

Who do you turn to if you find that your backup is too far out of date? Try Goldstar Software's File Recovery Service and let us fix the files for you. But what about when it corrupts after-hours? What about fixing it yourself? This is now an option with the Pervasive FIle Recovery Support Pack!

The Pervasive File Recovery Support Pack bundles the contents of our Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit with two hours of support time to ask the questions that can solve your problem or bolster your own understanding of the Pervasive data file formats. This includes:

  1. A copy of our Advanced Data File Recovery for Pervasive.SQL training manual and CDROM. This course teaches you the underlying principles behind the Pervasive data file formats from the Btrieve 5.x through the 7.x file formats. It also provides the foundation for understanding the concepts used in the 8.x and 9.0/9.5 file formats and in our recovery tools.
  2. A single-user license of the Pervasive Data File Recovery Toolkit. This toolkit provides you with Goldstar Software's own high-powered data file recovery tools -- in fact, the same tools that we use internally to analyze and repair files, including KeyCheck and our own GSRecover tools.
  3. A two-hour Support Contract (for either electronic, phone, or Internet support) from Goldstar Software to provide additional help when needed.

Purchased separately, the above components would cost you $3000. In this special bundle, you get everything for $2250 -- a savings of 25%! Want an even better deal? Order while supplies last and get a FREE copy of Jim Kyle's book, Btrieve Complete, included with your order.

If you have questions about the Pervasive File Recovery Support Pack, or to order this bundle, please contact us!

Single User License
Goldstar SKU: SP-PDFRTSingle
This is the single-user license.
Price: $2,250.00
Single User License With Btrieve Complete
Goldstar SKU: SP-PDFRTBook
This is the same Support Pack, but it includes a copy of Jim Kyle's Btrieve Complete book.  This book will increase the shipping costs and is not available for international shipments at this time.
Price: $2,250.00