Pervasive File Recovery Services

Purchase one of these items if you would like to set up a file repair or recovery support incident.  We will contact you via phone or Email when we have received your order to set up a time for this support.

Please note that these rates include only our automated data file recovery capabilities with our advanced tools.  If we determine that the files cannot be effectively repaired with the automated tools, we will contact you to advise you of your options, which may include an estimate on manual recovery efforts, at additional cost.  You are not obligated to continue with the repair process and can accept the automated tool results if you prefer.

Hopeless File Guarantee: If we quickly determine that your files are damaged beyond all hope, we will contact you with the option to cancel this service, and you will not be charged for the work completed.
Single Corrupted File
Goldstar SKU: FileRepair1
Use this option to submit a single database file for scanning and recovery.
Price: $250.00
Set of Corrupted Files
Goldstar SKU: FileRepairDB
Use this option to submit an entire set of database files for scanning and recovery.
Price: $500.00