Support Policy

Goldstar Software provides a substantial on-line library of help with the installation of the Actian database products. You can find download and installation instructions and videos on our informational web site for both installing and licensing the products. Because of this, we do NOT provide free support for the installation process itself.

If your organization is lacking a dedicated IT resource and you want us to assist with the install process for Zen/PSQL, then we will be happy to help you with this. We have a fixed fee of $250 for installation of a server engine and $100 for installation of a Workgroup Engine or client. This fee includes a complete install with the current Service Pack release and Updates (or whatever release your application requires), configuration of the environment for the resources available, and testing of the engine with the basic tests. If we have experience with your particular application, we will verify that it is working, too, and show you how to monitor your system as other users come on-line. For older versions, please see our support fees page. or go through the support options on the left.

Free Support
With each new database engine sold, Actian Corporation offers ONE free technical support incident usable within 30 days of your purchase. You can use this incident by contacting them directly at 800-BTRIEVE or (US) 1-512-231-6000. Have your purchase invoice available for validation. You should also contact Actian Corporation directly for any issues relating to their product licensing, as they do not provide tools to their resellers to manage licenses directly.

With each new Server Engine order, Goldstar Software includes up to 1/2 hour of free support time (in addition to the one incident from Actian), usable over the first 6 months. This support is intended to help you get past any questions or problems you have, or it can be used to help optimize your system's performance after installation. Be sure to indicate that you are using your free support time when starting your call and provide your invoice number.

Goldstar Software also offers free help via a web form on our web site's free support page. This is best for minor, non-critical issues which require no long-term tracking.

Paid Support
Paid support is available from Actian Corporation directly on a per-incident basis. This is your best option if you need a substantial amount of assistance, or if you are experiencing an engine crash (failure, abend, etc.) where you need Actian's engineers to analyze a crash dump. You can get more information about their support options from the PSQL Support web page.

Paid support is also available from Goldstar Software on a per-hour basis. This is your best option for issues that you expect to be resolved within one hour, which is the breakeven point in cost. Anyone with an open account can use this support, and invoices are sent out monthly for time used during the previous month. We also offer a number of subscriptions and other options, too, which you can find out our support fees web page.