Security and Payment Policy

All of our orders are processed manually and use a separate (and manual) verification process to enhance the security of this site. We use this extra step to perform sanity checks on your order -- verifying upgrade SKUs, examining license combinations, and so forth.  If you are unsure of your order in ANY way, please contact us for help BEFORE confirming your order!  If you fail to do this, it is possible that the licenses  you ordered will be unsuitable for your needed purpose, and because many licenses are not returnable, this could cost you!  We would much rather spend a few minutes reviewing everything to make sure it is all correct, instead of trying to explain to an unhappy user why we cannot refund his or her money. 

After ordering, please monitor your Email for the validation request and respond quickly, so that we may get your order processed as soon as possible.  If you do not wish to submit your card verification value (CVV) via Email or fax as this process requires, then we do have another option for you.  After placing your order, you can go directly to our credit card processing page and submit your data electronically.  Be sure to enter the correct Invoice or Order Number, as well as the correct amount.  This page will process your payment immediately (directly by our card processing company, bypassing us altogether).  We will be notified when your payment has been accepted and finalize your order at that time.  Note, though, that if your order is wrong, you may not be able to process an RMA, or your return may be subject to a 10% restocking fee, depending on the vendor or product you have ordered.  As such, we only recommend this option when you know exactly what you need.