Product Return Policy, Updated 11/23/2009

This is an IMPORTANT change from our previous policy, so please read carefully.

With the release of Pervasive PSQL Summit v10 Service Pack 3 (v10.30) and all newer PSQL products, we are amending our product return policies due to the changes in the product made by Pervasive Software, now Actian Corporation. For ANY product provided with an online Activation Key (including PSQLv10.30 and newer, and all other related products), there will be NO ALLOWABLE PRODUCT RETURNS OF ANY OPENED PRODUCT, INCLUDING ALL LICENSES DELIVERED VIA ELECTRONIC MEANS.

This means that all sales of product with Activation keys ARE FINAL, even if you have ordered the wrong product platform, user count, or bit level.

For all other products and from other vendors, we will continue to offer our existing return policy, as stated below.

Goldstar Software will remedy any error made by Goldstar Software or its shipping agents at no cost to the purchaser, provided all items are returned in original, factory-sealed condition.

Goldstar Software will accept returns and provide refunds (less a 10% restocking fee, shipping costs and any other incurred expenses) on any incorrectly ordered or excess product, provided that:

  1. Original product must be returned, freight-prepaid, to Goldstar Software or our designated shipping agent.
  2. Original product must be in original, factory-sealed condition.
  3. Return must be made within 30 days of the original product purchase.
  4. Product must be current product. No returns on discontinued products!

Important Note: Discontinued products and any products which have been opened are accepted for return ONLY if the software or hardware manufacturer accepts a return on such products. NO PRODUCT RETURNS ARE ALLOWED ON ELECTRONIC LICENSES OR DISCONTINUED SOFTWARE, INCLUDING BTRIEVE 6.15, PERVASIVE.SQL 7, PERVASIVE.SQL 2000/2000i, PERVASIVE.SQL V8 and PERVASIVE PSQL V9, PERVASIVE PSQL SUMMIT V10 and ACTIAN PSQL V11. ALL SALES OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE FINAL.

Please note that various manufacturers have different policies on returns for hardware and software items. In all cases, we will work with you to resolve your problem as best as possible, within the constraints of the hardware and software vendors' own return policies. Contact the vendor directly for information regarding their return policies.

If you have any questions about returning products or would like to process an RMA, contact us!