Actian PSQL Vx Server 12 Data Size Increase

The Actian PSQL Vx Server Data Size Increase (DSI) license allows you to expand the size of your existing PSQL Vx Server 12 database.

These licenses are available in 5GB, 10GB, and 50GB packs.  PSQL Vx Server 12 DSI licenses can be applied to any Vx Server 12 platform.

For specific licensing or product questions, please see our main product page.  Or, contact us for a formal quote!
Data Size Increase: 5GB
Goldstar SKU: VX12DSI+005
Actian's part number is P12VX-340605-000-01.
Price: $2,895.00
Data Size Increase: 10GB
Goldstar SKU: VX12DSI+010
Actian's part number is P12VX-340610-000-01.
Price: $5,795.00
Data Size Increase: 50GB
Goldstar SKU: VX12DSI+050
Actian's part number is P12VX-340650-000-01.
Price: $25,595.00