Support Pack: DataExchange

One of the problems with implementing Pervasive's DataExchange database replication solution is finding all of the information and tools that you need to implement it efficiently. Luckily, Goldstar Software Inc. has already done numerous DataExchange implementations, and we are now offering our expertise directly to you in our unique DataExchange Support Pack.

The DataExchange Support Pack includes the following:

  1. A copy of our Implementing Pervasive DataExchange training manual and course CDROM. This course teaches you the basics of DataExchange from installation to deployment to maintenance of the environment.
  2. A single-user license of our DataExchange LogSplitter Tool, which parses and splits the DataExchange log files into more manageable components, making it easy to scan the logs for errors and warnings.
  3. A single-user license of our DataExchange DXUtil Tool, which makes it possible to rebuild files while maintaining the DX synchronization, as well as providing some superior functionality for maintaining your DX environment.
  4. A single-user license of our HoldOpen tool, which can help to increase the performance of initial replication by a factor of up to 8x.
  5. A two-hour Support Contract (for either electronic, phone, or Internet support) from Goldstar Software to provide additional help when needed.
  6. A trial license of our GSSync tool, offering high-speed replication capabilities in conjunction with DataExchange to other data targets, including any ODBC-compatible database environment.

Purchased separately, the above components would cost you $1550. In this special bundle, you get everything for $995 -- a savings of over 33%! Want an even better deal? Upgrade to site-license versions of DXUtil, LogSplit, and HoldOpen for only $1450, a savings of 50% over the $2900 list price!

If you have questions about the DataExchange Support Pack, or to order this bundle, please contact us!

Single User License
Goldstar SKU: SP-DXSingle
This is the single-user license.
Price: $995.00
Site License
Goldstar SKU: SP-DXSite
This is the site license.
Price: $1,450.00