Actian Zen Cloud Server 14 Sidegrade from Zen v14 Server

The Actian Zen Cloud Server 14 database engine is the same core database engine as Zen v14 Enterprise Server, but it uses a capacity-based licensing model and is required (per the End User License Agreement) for SaaS and middleware/web environments. Sites with small databases and many users may also want to consider this pricing model.

The upgrades on this page are for users of Zen v14 Enterprise Server who want to move "sideways" to Zen Cloud Server 14. Actian limits the allowable upgrade paths from v14 Enterprise Server to Zen Cloud Server 14 based on this upgrade chart:
  From Zen v14 Enterprise Server User Count To Zen Cloud Server 14 Size
  6 or 10 Users Small (20GB data)
  20, 35 or 50 Users Medium (100GB data)
  100 or 250 Users Large (200GB data)
  500 or Unlimited Users SuperSize (Unlimited)
If you need a larger Zen Cloud Server 14 license, you should first upgrade to the size for which you get the discount, then get a Zen Cloud Server Size Upgrade to move to the required size. If you need an interim size (such as 30GB), then you may wish to consider the Data Size Increase instead.

Zen Cloud Server 14 is available for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, and Mac OSX 64-bit, and you can switch platforms and bit levels at any time.

For specific licensing or product questions, please see our main product page. Or, contact us for a formal quote!
Small Sidegrade from Zen v14, 6/10U
Goldstar SKU: ZC14SU14
The part number for the Zen Cloud Small Upgrade from Zen v14 license is Z14CLD-8106020-000-S1-01.
Price: $2,460.00
Medium Sidegrade from Zen v14, 20/35/50U
Goldstar SKU: ZC14MU14
The part number for the Zen Cloud Medium Upgrade from Zen v14 license is Z14CLD-8106100-000-S1-01.
Price: $7,210.00
Large Sidegrade from Zen v14, 100/250U
Goldstar SKU: ZC14LU14
The part number for the Zen Cloud Large Upgrade from Zen v14 license is Z14CLD-8106200-000-S1-01.
Price: $11,110.00
SuperSize Sidegrade from Zen v14, 500/Unlimited
Goldstar SKU: ZC14UU14
The part number for the Zen Cloud SuperSize Upgrade from Zen v14 license is Z14CLD-8106000-UNL-S1-01.
Price: $20,890.00
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