Double-Take DR

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carbonite is discontinuing the low-cost Double-Take DR solution. They will continue to offer support and bug fixes through August 1, 2018, but will not add any new features or OS support. An upgrade path to Double-Take Availability or to EVault is available. Please contact us for details.

Double-Take DR is a lower-cost replication solution for the less-critical, "tier 2" servers, for which a full replication solution like Double-Take Availability is not required. 

Double-Take DR replicates data from a server to a special backup repository server, either locally or in the cloud, where the data is housed for safekeeping in a special format.  If a server protected by Double-Take DR were to fail, you can rest assured that the DATA on that backup device will likely be within minutes or even seconds of the production server.  You can then begin a restore process of the data (or of the entire server) to its original location or anywhere in your environment, on any platform.

Note that this solution differs from Double-Take Availability in that a restore process is required, so this solution is only recommended for non-critical servers, where the time available to recover is substantially higher.  Mission-critical systems should be protected by the Double-Take Availability solution instead.

As the product licensing can vary depending on your exact implementation, we do NOT recommend that you order from these pages without talking to us first!  Please give us a call at 708-647-7665 and we will help you figure out the right solution for your specific needs.
Double-Take DR
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