Pervasive.SQL V8 Server

The Pervasive.SQL V8 Server Engine provides a substantial level of security enhancements over previous versions like Pervasive.SQL 7 and Pervasive.SQL 2000i, including new features for across-the-wire encryption, a new "advanced" security layer, and more.  It is supported on either Novell NetWare or Windows NT/2000 Servers and Workstations.

These licenses are valid for either Windows or NetWare servers, and you can stack the licenses to make higher user counts.

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10-User Upgrade from 2000i
Goldstar SKU: P8010U2K
The original Pervasive part number for the 10-User engine upgrade from PSQL 2000i is P8-8910672-1-01 (Windows). This license can be used to add 10 users to an existing PSQL8 engine, also.
Price: $1,500.00