Actian Zen v14 Software Development Bundle

The Zen v14 Developer Pack is a special packaging of engine licenses to be used for developing and in-house testing of applications. 

The Standard Developer Pack includes one each of the following licenses, each licensed for DEVELOPMENT USE ONLY (i.e. non-production):
  • Zen v14 Workgroup Engine, 5-User
  • Zen v14 Enterprise Server Engine, 6-User
  • Zen Cloud Server Engine, Small (20GB)
  • Zen Edge Server, 10-User
  • Zen Core Library (which is already FREE)
These licenses are TEMPORARY licenses provided in a single bundle.  These licenses will expire one year from the date of purchase, not the date of installation.  After the one-year license expires, you can purchase another one Developer Pack. Because these licenses are generated by Actian only when ordered, the lead time is typically 1-2 days.

Actian recently raised the price on these, for no known reason. If you are not testing all platforms, you may find it better to simply get a small (permanent) Workgroup Engine license for development and testing.
Goldstar SKU: Z14SDK
Price: $730.00