Backup Agent v13

The Backup Agent is a tool designed to help streamline the backup process by putting all open files into Continuous Operations Mode.  For more information about this process, please see our main web site's Backup Agent page.

Backup Agent v13 is designed for use with Actian PSQL v13 ONLY. If you currently have a PSQL v13 Server Engine, or if you have a PSQL Vx Server 13 Engine, then you can simply download and install the software -- no license is required. If you are running the 32-bit Workgroup Engine, the Backup Agent is available at additional cost.

If you are running PSQLV8 or v9, please see our Backup Agent 1.x page.
If you are running PSQLv10 or v11, no more Backup Agent licenses are available.
If you are running PSQLv12, please see our Backup Agent 12 page.

The Actian part number for the Backup Agent v13 licenses are:
  • BA-970250-05: Backup Agent for PSQL v13 Workgroup Engine, Windows 32-bit
Backup Agent v13
Goldstar SKU: BA13
Price: $230.00